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Use this gift of TIME to re-connect with yourself,
re-look at your priorities and tweak your life goals.

Then follow The Ultimate Manifestation Process

to bring them into reality.

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This is what Cindy had to say:

If you want to change your life then do the Lifestyle Mastery Course.

Stephen and Vinesh have very cleverly created this program that brings every component needed to make significant changes to your life.

Each module is built upon the previous one. Both give 100% of themselves. You get what you see and hear.

With this program I am able to implement significant changes to areas of my life and I am very clear as to where my short comings are and where I need to work to implement changes. These are clearly revealed in the various topics and modules.


I am truly grateful to both these guys for all they do and all they give of themselves.

Thank you, You will see me again, to refine and go deeper.

This is what Namita had to say:

Stephen and Vinesh through their experience, passion and incredible Universal knowledge have given me practical tools and techniques to start planting the seeds to my success.

They have shown me that even though the world is in panic, the economy may be down, the intense fears I have about my future and finances, that this Universe is filled with abundance. They demonstrated that the field of possibilities is unlimited.

For giving me my hope back and  restoring the faith in myself, I am ever grateful to Stephen and Vinesh.

They are living their vision and mission of changing people’s lives. They have changed mine, I am able to fight my negative thoughts better with the techniques they provide and I am taking more CONTROL of my own life, my own dreams and  my own ultimate lifestyle!

They are the essence of Personal and Lifestyle Mastery in action, every second of every day!


Thank you for making a HUGE difference in my life!

This is what Werner had to say:


What a journey these two remarkable humans have taken us on.


The modules are well though out and the energy in the presentations are electrifying.

Be sure that you will get homework. This is not a free ride, but these are fun and forces you to think.

So if you think that average needs a kick in the teeth, invest in yourself, put skin in the game and let Vinesh and Stephen take you on a magical journey.

This is what Laurice had to say:

“I have never come across two gentlemen that are more vested in my success and growth, than that of Stephen and Vinesh!


 I understand the dynamics and what I need to do to create what I want, yet upon embarking on the Lifestyle Mastery program,

 I could sense a lot of resistance within myself – which I didn’t quite understand.  So much so, that it has been a really big challenge for me to “put together” what my dreams would look like (just one aspect)! The dynamic duo assisted me.

Both Stephen and Vinesh created a beautiful program “Lifestyle Mastery” to do exactly that – Master Your Life.
I never had any inkling of what was buried and what would surface during the course.

Stephen and Vinesh together with “Lifestyle Mastery” know what it takes to break those barriers and move through the resistance, pushing you.  For this I am eternally grateful”.



This is what Louise had to say:


I have always been a person to have goals and targets.

My affirmations was up against my cupboard in my bedroom, looking at them daily.


That being said, I was doing it, but not really DOING it.

From the first ZOOM meeting, Vinesh and Stephen captivated me with their energy and fun spirit.

I have learned in this time that my goals was just goals, nothing else.

My affirmations was just affirmations, looking pretty against my cupboard in my room.


During the course of our sessions, I have learned to REALLY have goals, what they mean, how to achieve them.

To have AFFIRMATIONS, but to USE them like I should.

I have learned to get ME out of the way of standing in my OWN way and release negativity out of my body.


I have NEW goals now, with deadlines, structured. I have NEW affirmations – dedicated to ME and MY FAMILY that will have

an impact, a real impact on our lives.


Thank you Stephen and Vinesh. I wish you only success and may you continue to inspire other people.

You truly are a blessing to people – keep it up.

This is what Eileen had to say:


'I did not know what to expect when I decided to join the Lifestyle Mastery course...Believe me I was blown away.  


Every day was so inspirational, informative, goal driven and fun.


It was the best course I could've chosen to take during this lock down period and even if it wasn't lock down I would still choose this course. It made me think of what, when and where I want to be now and in the next 5 years.


Every module gives you the tools to build yourself to make it possible for you to achieve your goals. 


Nothing is impossible, as long as you have a goal, work hard and follow the steps towards achieving it.


A huge thank you to the two beautiful, handsome, funny and very inspirational gents Stephen and Vinesh.


I'm 100% ready to conquer MY world 😉'